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My Work

Over my career, I've had the privilege of helping purpose-driven communication leaders accelerate their goals. Some examples of my work include:

  • The Nate Birt Show: On my podcast, I  share insights and interviews from around the world of social impact communication. You can check out an episode here or on any iPhone or Android device:


  • America's Conservation Ag Movement: I helped organize and lead two consecutive public-private partnerships under the ACAM umbrella as vice president of Trust In Food™, Farm Journal's sustainable agriculture initiative. ACAM supports farmers and ranchers in their climate-smart agriculture transition. I helped design, budget, fund, and lead the implementation.

  • 101 Climate-Smart Ag Conversati􀆟on Starters For Program Leaders, Doers And Thinkers: My free 34-page resource for climate-smart program leaders provides dozens of prompts to keep meetings on track, build relationships and empower social impact communicators to do their most important work in partnership with other organizations.

  • The Hottest Climate Job You've Never Heard Of: My Fast Company article spotlights an essential link in the delivery of climate-smart agriculture practices: technical service providers. I interviewed experts discussing potential bottlenecks and solutions in getting billions of federal funding implemented for positive climate benefits. Note: Another good climate example is my interview with Ann Sorensen, American Farmland Trust senior research advisor.

  • An Agricultural Dragon Awakes: I authored this long-form piece featuring reporting and observations from my tour of farms in China in 2016. It illustrates my ability to distill complex, multi-faceted, and world-changing subjects into stories that capture imagination and intellect in equal measure.

  • The Silver Maple Insider: Each week on LinkedIn, I publish The Silver Maple Insider. This contains free insights to uplift, coach and grow the impact of discerning social purpose professionals. If you just read one, check out this one, which resonated with my readers: "5 Things Social Impact Communicators Should Stop Doing Immediately."

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