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Strategy Accelerator
for Social Impact Communications

As a social impact communicator, you know that a deeper focus on social impact could add lasting value to your team, your organization and your customers. This could come in many forms: higher revenue, lower environmental impact, deeper connection to your community and clients, more engaged employees, and so on.

Yet chances are good that you lack at least one of five fundamentals to help your organization make social impact progress more of a priority: 
1.    Calendar (time)
2.    Clarity (vision and strategy) 
3.    Clarion call (organizational passion)
4.    Capacity (staffing) 
5.    Customized communication (actionable insights and language to connect social impact to your industry, your business and your mission)  

By enrolling in the 90-minute Social Impact Communications Strategy Accelerator, you will be a stronger communicator and leader. Read on to discover how it works.

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Get The Social Impact Communications Outcomes You Need


When you participate in my Social Impact Communications Strategy Accelerator, you will: 

  • Leave the Accelerator thinking, “Why didn’t I do this sooner? I LOVE social impact – and now I can use those insights to help my organization achieve its boldest goals ever!” 

  • Show your executive team the path forward on social impact communications with a clear framework that connects often hard-to-measure issues and makes them immediately relevant (and financially beneficial) to your organization in advancing its goals

  • Energize your team for communications implementation by showing them the potential of social impact to advance your organization’s goals, serve your customers—all while doing the right thing

  • Strengthen your customer relationships because you are paying attention to the values and issues that matter most to them—and integrating those values into your operations and communications

  • Gain influence and career growth by positioning you as an expert within your organization in turning complex social impact issues into actions that build your organization’s capabilities, capacity and credentials for good.

5 Key Benefits of Social Impact Communications Strategy Accelerator


  1. Gain rapid social impact clarity, filtered through the lens of your organization’s unique mission, vision and values

  2. Learn easy-to-apply strategies for connecting the dots between your unique social impact story and key functions within the organization so the value is abundantly clear from executives to front-line workers and customers. 

  3. Turn your social impact benefits into key talking points that bring your organization’s unique social impact story to life, whether in executive briefs or marketing collateral. This will include its value financially (e.g. revenue, grant-dollar ROI), socially (e.g. employee engagement, satisfied customers) and environmentally (e.g. reduced GHG footprint, deeper integration of social impact messages into marcomm assets, etc.).

  4. Explore world-class social impact communications case studies revealing how the biggest companies elevate social impact—and learn how to reverse engineer those examples to create your own attention-grabbing collateral.

  5. Walk away with a 12-month Social Impact Communications Strategy Startup Kit containing a month-by-month plan for getting your social impact communications investment ramped up, launched and successfully nurtured over the next year. You’ll also get a 3-year vision for taking your social impact communications to the next level with strategies and tactics that will get your team and customers excited to pitch in and make it happen.

How You'll Know You're Making Progress
On Your Social Impact Goals

As you participate in the Strategy Accelerator for Social Impact Communications, you will notice signs you’re gaining traction, such as:

  • During social impact conversations in your organization, leaders will start nodding their heads more often and asking you more questions, illustrating your mutual alignment and common interest in social impact outcomes

  • Short-term communication decisions will happen more quickly because you have clarity on your objectives and the step-by-step process needed to implement them successfully

  • Long-term planning will be more enjoyable and you’ll be bolder than ever because you’re experiencing social impact communication success – and want to achieve more in the future

  • Interactions with your communications team will become more seamless because you’ll do less handholding and more coaching, with your written strategy as a guide

  • Social impact conversations with customers and clients will be more meaningful and have better outcomes because you’ll be able to talk about your organization’s goals with greater authority

What's At Risk If You Don't Make Progress
On Your Social Impact Communications?

In this environment, with so much at stake in the areas of environmental, social and governance goals, it’s imperative that you not wait for someone else to define your organization’s mission, vision and values related to social impact.

At stake is your company’s bottom line. Your influence as a leader. The well-being of your customers and other stakeholders who need exactly the products and services you offer. The good of your community, the environment and the families who depend on you.

Going at it alone also presents a number of other challenges. You might not have the bandwidth right now. Or you could overlook challenges, threats and opportunities an outsider can more easily see. 
Your customers, your business partners and other organizations that influence business operations aren’t going to wait to make big moves on social impact.

Your decision to join Strategy Accelerator helps you proactively set the agenda, define what success looks like—and put a plan in place to make outsized and lasting change in a way that strengthens your business and builds customer and partner loyalty.


Don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. Be an Accelerator. 

Quick Guide To My Strategy Accelerator Process

Here’s how your investment in the Strategy Accelerator will work:

  1. We’ll start with a diagnostic questionnaire that I’ll send you prior to our session. It contains basic questions about you, your role within your organization, and details about what your organization today is doing on social impact communication—and key hopes and dreams you’d like to see implemented in the future. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers! This is simply your chance to give me context and share whatever is on your mind. It helps me come prepared with a detailed agenda so you get exactly what you’re after and more.

  2. Once I’ve received your questionnaire, you’ll get a link to book a 90-minute Zoom workshop—the Social Impact Communications Strategy Accelerator—for you and up to 3 other members of your team.  During this workshop, we’ll dig into your questionnaire, clarify your organization’s unique social impact value, connect that value to your business objectives, develop social impact talking points you can quickly put to work, review world-class social impact communication case studies, and outline a 12-month action plan including a 3-year vision to accelerate your social impact communication work. 

  3. Within 3 business days, I’ll send you a completed 12-month Social Impact Communication Strategy Startup Kit in the form of a customized 2- or 3-page PDF. It will include your step-by-step social impact communication strategy for Year 1 plus a list of recommended action steps for Years 2 and 3. 

  4. After you’ve reviewed the Startup Kit with your team, you’ll book a follow-up call of 30 minutes with me. During this close-out and next steps session, I’ll answer any questions you have, clarify any details that might be confusing and determine how I can best serve you and your team going forward. You’ll walk away feeling confident in your ability to begin implementing the Startup Kit and seeing the benefits right away.

Deliverables: What You'll Walk Away With After Our Engagement

When you sign up for the Social Impact Communications Strategy Accelerator, you get:


  • An interactive and virtual 90-minute workshop via Zoom with you, up to 3 other members of your team and me (Silver Maple Strategies founder Nate Birt). Our proprietary workshop is packed with everything you’ll need to create a 3-year social impact communications vision and tactical month-by-month plan for Year 1.

  • A 12-month Social Impact Communication Strategy Startup Kit within 3 business days of our engagement in the form of a customized 2- or 3-page PDF containing your step-by-step social impact communication strategy plus a list of recommended action steps for Years 2 and 3.

  • A 1-page list of URLs to world-class social impact communication examples to inspire your team and get your creative juices flowing.

  • A 1-page Strategy Accelerator Add-On proposal illustrating ways Silver Maple Strategies could help you implement your social impact communication strategy and tactics after our engagement, if helpful. Free subscription to Secrets Of Social Impact Communicators, our weekly newsletter packed with insights, strategy and encouragement for leaders on the front lines of social impact work. 

Your Investment In Strategy Accelerator
For Social Impact Communications 

The fee for this engagement is $3,500, payable up front. It includes up to 4 seats for participating members of your organization.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I have a track record designing seven- and eight-figure social impact programs underpinned by social impact communication. During my career, I’ve helped design, budget, fund, and lead the implementation of two multi-million-dollar social impact programs for U.S. farmers and ranchers focused on conserving soil and water, and scaling use of climate-smart agriculture practices on working lands.  Another public-private partnership I organized including Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits secured a $40 million federal award to advance climate-smart agriculture. Today, I apply those experiences to help clients accelerate massive social impact goals, build resilience to keep going in a community of supportive peers, and unlock the power of persuasive storytelling to capture imaginations, secure investment, and empower bold decisions. 

Ready To Get Started?

I'd be honored to partner with you to advance your social impact communications strategy and goals. Contact me at to set up a free 30-minute consulting call. Together, we'll explore how I can be most helpful to you. 

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