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I am a nationally published author working
in both nonfiction and fiction.
Learn more about my books below.

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7 Secrets of Highly Effective Social Impact Communicators

Social impact communication is quickly become a mandatory skill for leaders of modern businesses and nonprofits, at all levels of an organization. Yet using strategy, language and influence to advance game-changing societal breakthroughs isn’t something most people learn in college. My book provides a pathway for empathy, clarity and persuasive communication to advance the social impact work that can help people, their families and society.

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7 Secrets Book Cover.jpg
Frozen, But Not Forgotten Cover Image For Website.jpg

Frozen, But Not Forgotten

Perhaps you dream of having a baby but struggle with infertility. Maybe you have biological children but are considering adoption to build your family. In this guidebook, I share everything you need to know about the embryo adoption process from your first call with an agency or fertility clinic to bringing baby home from the hospital. Told from a Christian perspective using personal, funny and downright jaw-dropping anecdotes from my own adoption experience, this book will set your mind at ease.

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