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I help purpose-driven communication leaders in agriculture, conservation, construction, energy, finance, food, forestry, logistics, media, and transportation. I show them how to accelerate massive social impact goals. I assist them in building resilience to keep going in a community of supportive peers. I teach them how to unlock the power of persuasive storytelling to capture imaginations, secure investment, and empower bold decisions that benefit all of us. 


My services include:

  • Social Impact Content and Fundraising Strategy: I help clients plan and execute their social impact communications. I assist them in fine-tuning and conveying key social impact messages internally and externally. I support them in making measurable progress on big goals. My strategy offers include:

  • 1:1/Small-Group Coaching And Advisory Services: I provide one-on-one support to high-achieving social impact communicators and their teams. I offer group coaching solutions. This coaching enables social impact communicators to share learnings with trusted peers. It gives them a safe space to grow their craft and get the encouragement and feedback that drives them to the next level of social impact excellence. My coaching offers include:
  • Speaking and Facilitation: I offer keynotes, presentations, and workshops that help social impact leaders solve problems so they can achieve peak effectiveness. Specifically, I speak about how to overcome the stress, emotional weight, and sense of imposter syndrome that comes with social impact work. I expose and openly challenge conventional perspective with empathy and humor. I give voice to feelings social impact professionals share yet seldom voice. This emboldens my audiences to be their best and win the mental game of social impact for themselves and their teams. My presentation topics include:

  • Social Impact Content Marketing And Thought Leadership: I craft engaging, persuasive and clean copy so clients can get ahead of their social impact content goals. I can produce annual reports, articles, blog posts, case studies, marketing and sales collateral, newsletters, presentations, SEO copy, social media copy, technical documents, testimonials, reports, whitepapers, and more. (I even do rewriting in cases where you know something needs to shine just a tad brighter.) Examples of my social impact content include:

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