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High-Voltage Social Impact
Revenue Generator 

You’re excited to make progress on your organization’s social impact goals. But financing them? That’s keeping you up at night—and not in a good way.

You’ve got a great product, service or project idea. You wish you could have greater certainty that your idea has what it takes to be a money magnet—setting you up to make a big, positive difference in the world. You need confidence you can raise the capital—from investors, grant funders or customers—to make this product, service or project worth your team’s finite time, energy and money.

Executives in your organization are looking to you for answers.

You need proof points that your idea has been well vetted, aligns with your organization’s social impact goals, has been fine-tuned for economic viability—in other words, it has what it takes to draw the capital you’ll use to bring the product to market, begin offering the service or seek the investment to get the project underway.   

By enrolling in the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator, you will learn revenue-ready communication strategies, position your next project for success and build capacity in your organization for lasting change by more effectively positioning your value proposition to make your vision a reality. Read on to discover how it works.

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Position Your Social Impact Vision To Secure
The Funding You Need To Advance Big Goals


By enrolling in the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator , you'll experience: 

  • Peace of mind knowing you’ve stress-tested your social impact idea and positioned it optimally to secure the necessary investment to do work that matters.

  • Executive-level confidence presenting your ideas to your leadership team and other stakeholders, leading to buy in and readying your product, service or project for the fundraising stage.

  • Actionable communication insights helping you frame your offering to all applicable stakeholder audiences in a way that meets them where they are—and makes the value of what you’re doing immediately apparent.

  • Time savings in the form of a customized High-Voltage Reference Library. You’ll be able to use this resource again and again to secure investment for future products, services and projects—and guide your next steps on current initiatives for which funding will be essential.

  • Access to a trusted help desk in the form of Silver Maple Strategies, a trusted partner whose founder has helped clients position initiatives to secure tens of millions of dollars to date. 

Key Benefits of High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator

  • Learn revenue-ready communication strategies to position your product, service or project in the most compelling way possible to secure investment dollars.

  • Study the secrets and success stories of other successful for-profit and nonprofit organizations who’ve found the capital to advance ambitious social impact projects. 

  • Practice thinking outside the box to take creative steps and design standout messaging to help you capture attention—and eventual investment—in a crowded social impact field.

  • Apply the fundraising learnings of organizations outside your industry to bring new levels of nuance, depth and defined positive outcomes to your product, service or project.

How You'll Know You're Making Progress
On Your Social Impact Fundraising Goals

As you participate in the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator, you will notice signs you’re gaining ground, such as:

  • Faster analysis of financial and investment opportunities – you’ll more quickly determine whether funding opportunities are a good fit for the social impact goals you’ve set

  • Ease of communication – you’ll be able to articulate, in writing or in conversation, the unique social impact value of your product, service or project, more quickly and convincingly than ever before, making it attractive to prospective funders

  • Connecting the dots between business goals and social impact objectives – you’ll have less heartburn when discussing social impact with executives and prospective funders because you will be able to tie what you’re doing to the financial and business goals of your organization

  • Requests for more follow-up meetings and proposal submissions – you’ll experience more positive feedback on funding proposals and get more follow-up requests to answer questions and refine your ideas for potential funding

  • Less time chasing new money and more time growing profitable relationships – rather than chasing every penny in the couch cushions, you’ll more clearly see which prospective funders are serious about helping advance your mission. You will be able to focus on nurturing and growing these relationships, helping you get better traction financing your social impact goals.

What's At Risk If You Don't Grow Your Potential To Secure Capital For Social Impact Work?

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and that’s never been more true than in the world of social impact. Funding from public and private sectors can flow rapidly yet change on a dime—and keeping ahead of the curve to position your products, services or projects is essential.

Hoping you’ll get lucky with funding isn’t a strategy. Procrastinating on ideas you know could have lasting social impact value risks funds drying up, shifting to another priority or going toward a proposal more convincing and impactful than yours. It’s hard to advance the causes you care about with no funds, no budget and no action.

Going it alone brings commensurate risks. Tunnel vision is most obvious. You might think your proposal is destined to succeed. But it’s hard to say how it will perform in the marketplace without the trusted perspective of an outside observer.

Your product, service or project might be incredible, but funders might not think so unless it’s framed to check all the right boxes. The framing, content and delivery of your message can mean the difference between pursuing the social impact initiative of a lifetime—or going back to the drawing board in frustration.

Going it alone also gives you less capacity to pursue multiple funding opportunities at once. Focusing narrowly on a single initiative might be good for the moment, but you might miss out on the chance to cast a wide net and secure revenue from multiple sources to help more customers and clients more quickly.  


Raising capital for social impact projects is not always easy. But those who sharpen this skill will only get measurably better at securing investment in important products, services and projects. They’ll see tangible progress building long-term relationships with funders, and they’ll have better tools and strategies to boost their confidence and improve their persuasion skills.

Whether your goals include transformation for those you serve, your organization, or yourself and your career, the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator can help you avoid the risk of wasted time, money and effort. What’s more, it will position your offer as attractive and fundable to those whose investment could transform communities, industries and the way we work, live and play.

Quick Guide To My High-Voltage Process

Here’s how your investment in the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator will work:

  1. We’ll start with a diagnostic questionnaire. It contains basic questions about you, your role within your organization, and details about the product, service or project for which you’re fundraising—including key hopes and dreams you’d like to see become reality through an engagement together. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers! This is simply your chance to give me context and share whatever is on your mind. It helps me come prepared with a detailed agenda, so you get exactly what you’re after and more. Also at this stage, I will sign you up to begin receiving the weekly newsletter.

    2.    Once I’ve received your questionnaire, you’ll get a link to book a 3-hour Zoom workshop—the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator—for you and up to 3 other members of your team.  During this workshop, we’ll dig into your questionnaire, unpack the project for which you’re seeking investment, and develop all the strategies and action steps that will go into your High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator Action Guide. I’ll also walk you through all the other benefits of the Diagnostic engagement, including access to the High-Voltage Reference Library and all other deliverables.

    3.    Within 3 business days, I’ll send you a completed High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator Action Guide in the form of a customized PDF (up to 5 pages) containing everything you’ll need to refine your offer for fundraising, along with corresponding communication copy—including recommended talking points, executive summary bullet points, value proposition highlights and visioning statements. 

    4.    After you’ve reviewed the Action Guide with your team, you’ll book a follow-up call of 30 minutes with me. During this close-out and next steps session, I’ll answer any questions you have, clarify any details that might be confusing and determine how I can best serve you and your team going forward on your fundraising activities. You’ll walk away feeling confident in your ability to begin implementing the Action Guide and seeing the benefits right away.


Deliverables: What You'll Walk Away With After Our Engagement

When you sign up for the High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator, you get:


  • An interactive and virtual 3-hour workshop via Zoom with you, up to 3 other members of your team and me (Silver Maple Strategies founder Nate Birt). Our proprietary workshop is packed with everything you’ll need to assess each aspect of your social impact product, service or project through the lens of maximizing financial investment/fundraising in your initiative.

  • A High-Voltage Social Impact Revenue Generator Action Guide within 3 business days of our engagement in the form of a customized PDF (up to 5 pages) containing everything you’ll need to refine your offer and corresponding communication—including recommended talking points, executive summary bullet points, value proposition highlights and visioning statements.

  • A High-Voltage Reference Library containing three 1-page PDF documents with relevant URLs and featuring information including:

    • High-Voltage Research Hacks: Strategies to study what prospective funders want to pay for—and fine-tune your organization’s offerings to increase the odds you’re selected.

    • High-Voltage Terms To Use: A bulleted list of key phrases and corresponding definitions to include in any proposal to grab attention and get the serious consideration your important social impact initiatives deserve.

    • High-Voltage Roadmap: Step-by-step guide to strategies you can use during any project life cycle to get the proper buy-in, communication collateral and cross-functional collaboration inside your organization (and with external stakeholders). These steps can tip the scales in your favor for predictable fundraising success, again and again.

    • A 1-page High-Voltage Add-On proposal illustrating ways Silver Maple Strategies could help you as you take the next steps to secure funding and launch those products, services or projects once investment is secured. 

    • Free subscription to Secrets Of Social Impact Communicators, my weekly newsletter packed with insights, strategy and encouragement for leaders on the front lines of social impact work.

Your Investment In Strategy Accelerator
For Social Impact Communications 

The fee for this engagement is $7,495, payable up front. It includes up to 4 seats for participating members of your organization.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I have a track record designing seven- and eight-figure social impact programs underpinned by social impact communication. During my career, I’ve helped design, budget, fund, and lead the implementation of two multi-million-dollar social impact programs for U.S. farmers and ranchers focused on conserving soil and water, and scaling use of climate-smart agriculture practices on working lands.  Another public-private partnership I organized including Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits secured a $40 million federal award to advance climate-smart agriculture. Today, I apply those experiences to help clients accelerate massive social impact goals, build resilience to keep going in a community of supportive peers, and unlock the power of persuasive storytelling to capture imaginations, secure investment, and empower bold decisions. 

Ready To Get Started?

I'd be honored to partner with you to advance your social impact fundraising goals. Contact me at to set up a free 30-minute consulting call. Together, we'll explore how I can be most helpful to you. 

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