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We love encouraging values-driven leaders! Whether you serve at a publicly traded company or at a small nonprofit, at a retail business or at a faith-based organization, our insights will make your next event amazing.


Our talks will:

  • Uplift your audience and remind them why they (and their values-driven work) matter

  • Deliver practical and actionable strategies for doing good without burning out

  • Make you think with your heart as well as your mind - and leave you laughing

Example talks include:

  • The Office Monster Ate My Family

  • The Values-Driven Leader's Guide To Parenting Without Guilt

  • The 7 Traits Of A Winning Virtual Team

  • How Can I Fight Climate Change On 4 Hours Of Sleep?

  • How To Align Faith-Based Missions To ESG Opportunities 

  • Custom presentations built exclusively for your audience

To book a speaker or make an inquiry about your next event, email

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